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KSU-OHSU Essentials of Health Informatics Course provides certified training using distance education augmented with classroom-based face-to-face tutorials.
In this course we will focus on the underlying themes of health informatics, including the proper use of information and applications of information technology in health and biomedicine, including electronic health records, information retrieval, genomics, and telemedicine.
In addition, the course highlights the current role and future premises of informatics in health care services in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region.
The viewpoints of information technology from medicine, computer science, nursing, public health, patients/consumers are considered.
The course also provides a pathway for those wishing further study (and career development) in the field of informatics.


The course is taught via distance learning and uses the following teaching modalities:

  • Voice-over-PowerPoint lectures - The key material is delivered using the Flash plug-in, which is freely available and already installed in almost all Web browsers.
  • Interactive threaded discussion - Students engage in discussion on important issues using the on-line bulletin board.
  •  Reading assignments - The course provides readings in the form of documents, reports, and papers from the field.
  • Homework/quizzes - Each of the 10 units is accompanied by a 10-question multiple-choice self-assessment that aims to have the student apply the knowledge from the unit.
  •  Classroom-based tutorials are given in Saudi Arabia and are intended to give participants an opportunity to have face-to-face reviews of the Course at various stages.


Participants who successfully complete and pass the Course will receive a Certificate of Participation from the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) called i10x10.
All students who enroll for further study at OHSU will also be awarded three credit-hours that can be carried forward into the OHSU graduate program for all students who are eligible for graduate study (i.e., have a bachelor�s degree from an accredited university).
In addition, MIELU will apply to the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) for Continuing Medical Education (CME) points for participants who are registered with the SCHS.

Course Duration:

Course will start from 4, Jan,2017 and will end on 19,Apr,2017.

Payment Details:

Early Registration: before 20th of Nov


5,700 SAR

Group price 5,500 SAR each

Profesional :

6,200 SAR

Group price 5,800 SAR each

Regular Registration: After 20th of Nov


6,200 SAR

Group(4 and more) price 5,700 SAR each

Profesional :

6,700 SAR

Group(4 and more) 6,200 SAR each

*Transfer the training program fees to the Medical Education Center, King Saud University, AlRajhi Bank Account #: SA7580000281608010000271
* After paid send a scanned copy of the receipt to : informatics@ksu.edu.sa